How to become an HR manager (a guide with all the information and resources you need)

How to become an HR manager? A question that crosses the minds of many, because they believe that this profession controls the fate of all people working in any company or institution... isn't it?

Who is the employee or manager of HR? What are the limits of its validity? And if I want to work as an employee in this department. What are the academic qualifications or experiences that I should have? All these questions and more we will try to answer in the coming lines.

In short, you can consider this article as a comprehensive reference that includes all the information related to the HR profession, and a simplified practical guide for those who want to break into this field, and at the end of it you will be able to answer the question of how to become HR manager, so let's start.

Who is HR manager ?

HR is an abbreviation of the term Human Resources, and it is an important department that exists in all institutions and companies, starting from a small organization that has one employee in each department, all the way to the largest companies in the world. In short, no institution can function without this department.

HR employee, HR manager, or human resources manager are all job titles that refer to the same specialty.

The human resources department and its employees in any company is concerned with appointing the appropriate employees for each job or dismissing incompetent employees.

In the event that we are talking about a large company, the HR department in it is necessary to include a manager, a specialist, and an employee.

These are the types of workers in this department, and here is an explanation of each:

HR employee: works under the supervision of a human resources specialist, assigned with specific tasks, for example advertising jobs on various advertising media, addressing applicants, or sorting emails and excluding the inappropriate.

HR Specialist: Responsible for only one specialty in the HR department, such as training, staffing, rewards or compensation and so on.

HR Director: He is fully responsible for the HR department and for all employees, and is responsible for hiring, firing, coordinating with management to meet the needs of employees, following up on the progress of the production process and other tasks, whether he performs it directly by himself, or manages it through employees HR specialists.

Skills that should be available in the HR employee

The HR worker's brain really contains a lot of ideas, and you get busy with a lot of tasks and all of them are related to people and the work environment! Therefore, the personality of the worker in this profession must possess a set of skills and abilities in order to be able to perform his work optimally.

If you want to become a successful HR employee, you must have a basic skill set, which are:

1. Communication skills

How to become HR without communication skills ? This is nearly impossible. The worker in the HR department does a lot of communication in his day, starting with communicating with the company he works for and its employees to follow up the work progress on one hand.

On the other hand, he communicates with applicants to work in the company, and at the same time he must coordinate between these and those and follow up on the progress of everyone's work! How can he do that without communication skills?

The way an HR employee communicates with everyone in the organization is very important, as these people are in fact very different in their intellectual and social level and in the tasks they are responsible for. Therefore, treating each person in the way that works for them requires superior communication skills.

And in the event that an HR employee fails to listen well, absorb anger, provide solutions, enforce the law firmly, etc., he is missing out on his most important weapon of success.

2. Management skills

It may seem that the worker in the HR department is just a worker in a department among the many departments in the organization that already has a manager, but this does not replace the department worker with management skills because he communicates almost daily with all the employees of the organization.

If this worker does not have a leadership personality, it will be difficult for him to implement his strategies and give the organization in which he works its needs.

3. Leading and proactive skills

Being first to know the problems means that you are the closest to finding solutions to them, and this is precisely one of the most important requirements of your job. The HR employee must be constantly informed of what is happening in the work environment, inside or outside it.

Within it, here means the problems that employees may face or the latest developments that occur in the office, opinions, trends, desires, all these things you must be aware of before everyone so that you are the first to find solutions to them, which is precisely the core of the HR function.

As for outside it, it is to keep abreast of the developments of the profession, the challenges it faces, the plans of competitors, and so on.

So if you are interested in working in this field, we advise you to stay informed of what is happening at the largest gathering of HR professionals in the world, the “ Association for Human Resource Management Annual Conference ”. If you are unable to attend, we advise you to follow his news online.

4. Negotiation skill

Negotiation is a vital task in the life of everyone working as an HR Officer, and this task is dealt with on a daily basis. An employee or HR manager will not only need negotiation skill when hiring new employees, but he will need this skill in daily work related to many aspects such as:

  • Sanctions signed 

  • Give rewards

  • Deciding on the extraordinary leave of employees

  • promotions

  • salary increase

There are many other aspects that will require you as an HR official to possess the skill of negotiation, through which you must be able to obtain the best gains for the organization while achieving employee satisfaction at the same time… Does this not require you to be a skilled negotiator?

It is worth noting that the HR official, by virtue of his dealings with employees, needs to be on a high level of emotional intelligence , and therefore to gain employee satisfaction and gain their loyalty in the short and long term.

It is worth noting that all the skills we mentioned above fall under the name of soft skills , but of course, as an HR administrator, you will need to acquire and learn other job requirements such as:

Reporting, employee training, recruitment skills, ability to reduce costs, providing a good environment for employees to work in, and many other important things, especially if you want to work in a large organization.

Qualifications you need to have for the HR job

If you want to break into the field of HR, it takes some effort, but if you want to go far in this field, it takes double effort. To go further in the field of HR, you have to get some practical degrees.

1. Scientific certificate

You must have studied at least 4 years in Human Resource Development or other simulated fields, such as Psychology, Commerce, Business Administration or Communications.

To break into the field of human resources as a beginner, you must at least obtain one accredited and documented training certificate.

Studying a bachelor’s degree in human resources development or the aforementioned fields provides you with good job opportunities, but obtaining a master’s degree, for example in human resources, gives you the preference and merit you desire, and opens up opportunities for you to work on an international scale.

2. Work experience

Well I've been studying working in human resources for a while. is this enough? of course not. "Don't think just because you're certified, you're qualified for the job," says Jessica Miller, CEO of Xceptional HR in Oklahoma City and founder of

So the next step is to get some experience, and because simulating a real work environment gives you an advantage when applying for your dream job, experience is important. How do you get it?

The sources of expertise are diverse. For example, you can volunteer to work in a small local company without any financial compensation. You should go in this direction at the same time with the direction of practical certifications and personal development.

3. Biography

An effective resume means a resume that is developed as soon as possible, and it is an effective weapon in the hands of those who wish to break into the field of HR.

And in order to learn about the importance of the biography, here is a set of statements by Julie Clough, who is the senior vice president of global human resources development at the famous Chanel company.

“Create your resume as an arc to tell the story of your journey into HR and your future path in HR.”

Jolie here means to make your experience or certificate in the field of HR the focus of your resume, that is, the culmination of this resume, your highest achievement in this field.

"You can highlight the specific things you've done in terms of HR functions and create a section on that," says Chloe.

“If you clearly highlight your industry experience even if it is minimal, it is easy for people working on recruiting to match it to what they are looking for.”

Best Self-Learning Resources for HR

First, the best online courses to learn HR

In addition to academic degrees, there are various resources on the Internet to learn everything about the HR profession.

You can also purchase various courses from the American Human Resource Management Association's website , the world's largest online retailer of HR educational products.

Secondly, books in HR do not miss reading them

A large number of experts and workers in the field of human resource development tried to help you answer the question of how to become HR through books.

Therefore, we have compiled a number of valuable books related to the field that we highly recommend you to read:

1. Human Resource Management book

We can say that it is a reference and not a book, which is the most important modern reference issued in this field, written by Gary Dessler.

In 5 parts, it explains all the pillars around which the human resources employee's work revolves, which are recruitment, leveling, talent management, training and development, compensation and employee relations.

2. HR from the Outside In

It is a suitable book to read after you have finished reading the previous book. The book is about the skills you need to become a professional in the field of human resources, and is written by 4 professionals in the field.

3. The HR Scorecard book

It helps you understand how to develop a strategy that connects employees to each other and to the production process.

General HR advice and how to succeed in it

We now offer some general HR advice.

1. Listen carefully to your employees

Listening well to your employees' challenges and problems, accepting their failures, and meeting their demands within reason is the only way to get them to do what you want them to do. This is roughly the main characteristic of successful HR.

2. Help your employees

Don't just listen to the problems, you have to go beyond that and offer a helping hand. A manager who really helps solve a problem easily becomes a hero quickly in the eyes of his employees, and the work environment turns into a spark of enthusiasm.

3. Keep calm

Losing your nerve or seeing you angry at work can cost you your image, your decisions, and your job at times. Always remember that everyone is allowed to get angry and vent, except the human resource development worker, who is the compass and the scale!

4. Keep improving

As we have already mentioned, keep abreast of events, news and developments related to the field of human resource development. Make sure that every day you learn at least one thing or one new piece of information about this world.

Staying constantly in a state of development gives you the advantage.

At the end of this article, you should know that a human resource manager in one of the most prestigious companies in the world can average more than $100k per year!

This number not only gives us an idea of ​​how much profit you are expected to make if you work in this field, but also gives us a general idea of ​​the importance of the field of human resource development in the business world.


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