How to implement a restaurant project (implementation steps and success factors)


a restaurant project, is the usual answer to the question: What project can I start my career with and make a profit?

The restaurant business is definitely one of the most profitable ventures anywhere, and the only reason is that no one can give up food.

But not all restaurant projects have been able to continue and succeed for years, as competition in this field is very fierceAs I told you, dear reader, when most of us think of a project of our own, we choose a restaurant project.

One of the most important reasons for the success of any project, regardless of its idea, is good planning, and listening to previous experiences to benefit from themThe restaurant project in particular is a double-edged sword. Good management is the investment that guarantees the success of the project, and the slightest mistake during preparing any meal may lead to the completion of the project overnight.

Through this article, we will show you everything you need to know in order to start a restaurant business of your dreamsWith us, you will learn about the success factors of the restaurant project, and the steps that can be followed when making a profit from this project to be your life project.

Follow this article with us to know more.

Before we start the steps of implementing a restaurant project, we have to address the most important types of restaurants, as there are many types of restaurants, each of which has a special character and a special nature.

Types of restaurants

By the restaurant, we do not mean the need for large spaces to build the project inside, but in recent years more than one type of restaurant projects have appeared.

The types of these restaurants vary according to their purpose, their area, the services that are available within them, in addition to the financing or capital you need to start a restaurant business.

1. Food and Beverage Restaurant

 It is the restaurant that serves food and drinks that are eaten inside, and here, of course, you need a certain space, equipment and equipment, and therefore a large capital, and other factors so that the first step of the project is correct.

Restaurants that serve food and drinks inside the restaurant need a comfortable and airy dining hall, and need a good kitchen and an adequate area to serve customers.

2. Fast food restaurant “Take Away

This type of restaurant project has spread greatly in recent years, and the majority of its founders are young graduates or entrepreneurs.

This type of restaurant is considered the easiest restaurant project in terms of equipment, as it does not need an equipped place for customers to sit, but depends only on preparing the meal and eating it outside the place.

But it is difficult to compete in itTo be based on presenting a new idea that is welcomed by lovers of dining out, and is also dependent on the customers who live in its geographical scope.

3. Specialty restaurants

They are restaurants specializing in certain foodsAn example is restaurants that serve Chinese food, Indian food, or other international cuisines.

As well as restaurants specializing in certain foods, for example, there are restaurants specialized in types of pizza and pasta only, and there are other restaurants that specialize in providing meat only of all kinds and all methods of cooking.

Liver restaurants, oriental food restaurants, and burger restaurants of all kinds, all of these are restaurants whose idea is to specialize in only one aspect or only one type of food that people prefer.

4. Cafe

It is a place where people gather for certain drinks or meals. Most of these places have limited meal choices because they are based mainly on drinking drinks, and it varies in size from one place to another and also in what it offers to the public.

Steps to implement a restaurant project

1. Do a feasibility study

Many of those who want to launch their projects are not interested in doing a feasibility study, and this is a very big mistake, and contributes significantly to increasing the chances of project failure.

As for you, you should make a detailed feasibility study for your project, through which you can obtain accurate data on the chances of the project's success, and also through which you can prepare a solid plan for the implementation and marketing of the project.

There are many types of feasibility studies, for example, in terms of arrangement, there are:

  • Initial or preliminary feasibility study: through which you can conduct a simple study to ensure the feasibility of the project in general.
  • Detailed feasibility study: through which you can make a detailed feasibility study that contains all the minute details about the feasibility of the project and the details of its success.

In terms of type, there is also a marketing, technical, and legal feasibility study…etc.

2. Select the capital

Without a doubt, the first step to starting any project after good planning is capitalFor a restaurant project, the capital you need varies according to several factors, as follows:

  • The size or type of the restaurant you are going to start with.
  • The place that you will rent or even buy in order to implement a restaurant project.
  • The equipment, appliances and furniture that you will need as a start depends on the size of the restaurant.
  • The number of customers expected to receive in the restaurant.
  • the type of restaurant and what it offersIs it a restaurant to receive customers, or the customer will get his food outside the restaurant “take away”.
  • Marketing methods for the restaurant in the beginning: will it be digital marketing , or rely on placing signs on the road or distributing leaflets with the services provided by the restaurant to passers-by.
  • The salary of the employees that you will start with should be a consideration, in order to maintain the reputation of the place in its ability to retain its employees.

Do not be afraid, dear reader, when you know that establishing a restaurant project requires capital that can reach millionsAlthough this is true, but nothing is impossible, a small start can lead you to a bigger project.

Meaning, you can determine your needs to start your project and then calculate its costsIf your personal capital is not enough, you can request financing from the competent authorities or resort to investors to inject more capital.

Even if these investors are your relatives or friends, but make sure that all your steps are codified so as not to lose your rights and the rights of others.

3. Study the market requirements and know your competitors

Before starting the project, especially the restaurant projectYou have to be aware of the market requirements, and what is meant here by the market requirements is that you are looking for what people need in the food business in the area where you have chosen your businessWhat are the advantages of your competitors in the same field, whether within the same region or the same governorate.

You can do this by conducting surveys or opinion polls if you can, or searching through Google for the requirements of people in general in the field of restaurants.

Also, researching the complaints that are published about specific restaurants is very required in order to avoid them, thus adding another competitive advantage to you.

Also, studying the market makes you aware of what will happen in the future for your project in a way that allows you to plan well for any crisis or problem that may occur. It also helps you determine the required capital so that you can compete in a way that helps you continue and expand.

Here are some practical ways and tools to help you understand the market:

  • Your personal experience in dealing with restaurants and trying to extract the reasons for success and reasons for failure.
  • Experience of those close to you (family, friends, relatives, and even neighbors).. Ask them about the restaurants they like and don't like and why.
  • Use social networking sites (your personal accounts) to gather more opinions.
  • Ask in specialized groups on social media.
  • Follow the pages of popular websites, and try to elicit the reasons for customer loyalty.
  • Search Google for the most famous restaurants in the city in which you want to start your project, and monitor the reasons for the success of these restaurants.

4. Find suppliers for restaurant project requirements

The quality of the restaurant project comes from the food it serves as well as the equipment insideFor example, if you make sure that the refrigerator for storing food matches the required specifications, this will certainly return to the quality of the food and thus the quality of the project as a whole.

Dishes and cutlery, when they are to the desired specifications and are suitable for everyone, will surely be a big draw for customers.

Also, getting to know suppliers who specialize in supplying you with the needs of the restaurant will give you the opportunity to learn about everything the restaurant needs.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the requirements of the restaurant's needs before speaking with the suppliers so that you are aware of the basics, and the supplier can provide you with everything new.

5. Choose the right place and the space that suits you

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article that the location of the restaurant is one of the most important factors for the success of the project. When choosing the appropriate location, you must be specific at the beginning.

Answering the following questions can help you be more specific as you choose a location:

  • What type of restaurant?
  • Is the financial level of the people of the area commensurate with the quality of your implementation of the restaurant project?
  • What are the places where there are not a lot of restaurants and therefore there will be less competition?
  • Do you want to buy the place you will designate the restaurant or you will trade it?
  • What is the space that will fit this type of restaurant?
  • Approximately how many visitors will the restaurant receive?
  • What is the specific area of ​​the kitchen?
  • What is the size of the equipment that will be equipped with the restaurant and thus allocated space for it?

6. Take care of the interior finishes

Attractive and appropriate decoration that draws the attention of the public is one of the most important ingredients for the success of the restaurant projectOne of the most important items for which a portion of the capital must be allocated is the decoration or interior finishes of the restaurant.

If your project is a restaurant specializing in international foodSuch as if it is a Lebanese restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, an Indian restaurant...etc. The decor must have a character that indicates the content of the meals being served.

If you are not familiar with this, you can use an interior designer or a specialist, but if you know the basics of finishing and can supervise the finishing workers for the sake of saving, do so.

7. Choose the restaurant staff

The work team, whether supervisors or workers, is one of the most important factors in establishing a restaurant project, and the types of teams here vary according to the place:

A/ Inside the kitchen

You need skilled chefs who have a list of ingredients that are prepared with food in order to ensure qualityThis list can be obtained from many sources on the Internet, or the assistance of specialists in preparing these meals if necessary.

Pay attention, you must make sure that the list of ingredients and ingredients is something specific to the restaurant and a business secret.

You also need assistants for these cooks, and people responsible for cleaning the kitchen by cleaning floors or walls to prevent the accumulation of dust or the presence of any source of attracting insects.

You also need someone who is responsible for cleaning utensils and dishes in a good and safe manner using good cleaning materials.

b/ the reception hall

And here in the event that the restaurant is equipped to receive customers, of course you need a good team based on customer serviceStarting from the catering providers and those responsible for taking the customers’ requests and transferring them to the kitchen, passing through those responsible for the cleanliness of the seats and tables and the cleanliness of the reception hall in general, to the end of the manager responsible for managing all these.

If you are not aware of the specifications that must be available in the work team, you can use previous experiences and search on the InternetYou can also use companies responsible for hiring restaurant teams to provide you with more experienced people.

8. Determine your marketing method and budget

Marketing is the primary tool that makes your project successful by promoting it, and here we have more than one way to marketEither marketing through social networking sites , and of course it is the easiest and fastest way at the moment.

You can also rely on signs that alert people to the presence of a restaurant in this place, or even paper flyers that are distributed to people.

Whatever form of marketing channel you will rely on, you must have a competitive advantage that distinguishes your restaurant from other competitors, and this competitive advantage is what will make your project easier and faster to promote.

We advise you to browse the e-marketing section within the Al-Rabeen website , as it contains a lot and a lot of information about the method of marketing from A to Z.

It is easy to rely on yourself in marketing your project at first in order to save expenses, and then resort to a marketing specialist when your project succeeds and begins to spread and expand.

Success factors of a restaurant project

There is no doubt that there are many factors that must be considered and researched well before starting the project, and there are also steps, if followed well, that will reap the fruits of the success of your restaurant project in record time and can ensure its continued success.

But the permanent goal that you are working on should be to combine the quality that attracts the audience and converts it into a permanent customer, with innovative new ideas that attract new customers , and thus helps in creating new branches for your restaurant.

As for the main factors that must be taken into account when starting to plan a restaurant project, they are as follows:

1. Innovative idea

What is different is always what attracts people's attention, but it should be a positive differenceMany restaurants that can be located in the same place do not last more than a month, while there are other restaurants that can last for yearsWhat is the difference between the first and the second?

In addition to many factors and reasonsThe first project was certainly not well studied before starting it, in addition to that it was based on a repetitive idea that did not present anything new.

As for the second successful project, which certainly lasted for years, a good plan was prepared for it before starting it, and it continued to renew the planning with innovative ideas that attracted the attention of many to it, which helped it to continue.

2. Good location

In the beginning, the location of the restaurant must be distinctive so that it is an attractive factor for most customers, in addition to the fact that good ventilation is necessary to establish the restaurant, whether it is natural ventilation meaning that the site overlooks the sea or the Nile or close to it, or the ventilation is internal through the use of water and pumping devices Air, and air conditioning, all this helps to provide a suitable atmosphere, whether for workers or diners.

In addition, the distinguished location helps in the ease of promoting the restaurant or the project as a wholeAnd when you choose the location of your restaurant project, you must make sure that the place chosen is located in a surrounding area where a restaurant is needed.

Or even at least if you find restaurants in the same location, you have to choose a distinctive idea that competes with the project from other restaurants nearby.

3. Trained expert management

International or even local restaurant chains, why do they succeed in one place and not continue in another with the same qualityIn fact, we find that the branches differ in quality for the same chain of restaurants in the same governorateThis is all due to the management responsible for the place, whether workers, cooks, or even managers.

If you intend to open your own restaurant, good management is the key that will open the doors for you to spread in more than one place and become the owner of a local restaurant chain that may be global.

It is preferable that you are well versed in how to run a restaurant businessThis know-how or experience comes from listening to the experiences of your predecessors, or reading books about this fieldYou may also benefit from training courses through the Internet or even watching videos of specialists.

Always make sure you have at least one expert in each locationIf you manage the project, you must be familiar with management and how to deal with customers in general.

in the kitchen or food preparation areaThere must be a skilled cook who specializes in the quality of food that the restaurant specializes in serving.

And external customer service, you must be aware of its rules so that you can supervise who provides it. Restaurant service is the first interface that attracts customers to your restaurant and makes you their permanent refuge.

But if you are only specialized in pumping money, any investor only, make sure that the restaurant is under the management of specialists in selecting the work team, and also dealing with them in a way that maintains their loyalty to the place and makes them work with love and innovate and innovate.

In the end, dear reader, we hope that this article has opened the door for you to plan well for your dream restaurant project, and do not despair if your financial resources are few in your opinion.

How many large chains of restaurants began with an area of ​​several simple meters, and with determination and development, they reached the worldYou may be one of these famous brands in the restaurant business.

We are happy to share with you through the comments if you have previous experiences with these two projects or even have other information regarding the implementation of a restaurant project.



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