Small Business Ideas for Girls (10 Profitable Ideas for Every girl)

The era in which we live is the era of entrepreneurship , the time of permanent jobs and work after graduation has passed. Now, it does not matter your age or your field of study. Rather, what matters is your ability to produce a service, a product, or even an idea that people need.

In this article, we will discuss together 10 small business ideas for girls, with an explanation of each idea, its advantages and disadvantages (or to say its challenges).

10 Amazing and Profitable Small Business Ideas for Girls

1. Cook and sell meals

Perhaps one of the most famous ideas of small projects for girls, the most important of which is making and selling meals, as many people in different regions are willing to eat home food, but they are not good at cooking, or they do not have enough time for that, for example: expatriates, housewives who Those who can't cook, or who don't have time to cook.

With very little capital, you can make meals for strangers or housewives.

You can do this small project in more than one way and target different categories of clients, and here are different ways to do the project:

1. Prepare vegetarian meals for vegetarians

In the recent period, many people began to become vegetarians, and this led to an increase in the demand for vegetarian food, and restaurants that serve vegetarian food.

But despite this, the food market and restaurants in Egypt and many other Arab countries have not yet realized this, so you can fill this void yourself and make a ready-made vegetarian menu, and provide a meal delivery service for them.

2. Prepare meals for children

This is another category whose mothers may need to make whole meals for them or even make small sandwiches, but they are not able to do this every day and prepare their school meals for them every day in the morning before they go or even in the evening before bed, so you can target them.

3. Preparing diet meals

With the increase in obesity rates for many reasons, almost everyone is following diets, and therefore they need to prepare for them one of the meals compatible with the diet, whether in terms of the necessary time or effort, and therefore you can provide the service of sending the food protection system while providing the meals written in it.

Features of this idea:

This particular idea of ​​small projects for girls is a successful and guaranteed idea, and it has an acceptable profit margin that will double a lot with the increase in the number of beneficiaries, and it also does not require a large capital at the beginning, and your reputation will spread very quickly with customer testimonials for the quality of your meals.

The disadvantages of this idea:

Perhaps what is wrong with this idea of ​​small business ideas for girls is that it may require a large amount of time in some cases, and you need to be very organized to get things straight, especially at the beginning.

2. Perfecting handicrafts and selling their products

The second idea of ​​the ideas of small projects for girls is to make a small workshop in your home for various handicrafts, and I mean here by handicrafts simple crafts, such as: crochet, seashells, wicker or the rest of the simple Handmade products.

In the recent period, the market for these products has witnessed a global development; Not only in Egypt or the Arab world, and evidence of that is the world-famous Etsy site that specializes in this type of products.

These products are in great demand because they add beauty and splendor to the home and place, and their prices are usually affordable compared to the prices of antiques and other antiques, and the customer may have the manufacturer design a specific item in specific colors for him.

Features of this idea:

This idea is one of the ideas of small projects for girls that is characterized by the fact that it can be learned easily and in a short time, as it has a very satisfactory profit margin and its market continues to grow, and by making products with high quality and treating customers in a professional manner, you can quickly grow your name in the market, and you You do not need a large capital in order to start this project.

The disadvantages of this idea:

The beginning is usually a little difficult, as you will need e-marketing skill, product photography skill, in addition to learning pricing through correct foundations.

3. Selling beauty products

As for this idea, it has started to exist in abundance in the past period. Today, almost every woman and girl has become interested and expert in cosmetic products and their types and methods of use, and this is what made them need a place or person that provides them with what they need without wasting their time and effort between different stores and brands, and here Your turn comes.

You can provide these products to them, and you can also provide a complete cosmetic bag service, whether for new brides, or providing beauty products for specific periods, such as: those they need in the summer holidays or when traveling…etc.

Features of this idea:

This idea is characterized as having a higher profit margin than the rest of the projects and it is also very viable in a short time, and you can increase your profit margin by purchasing products in bulk, all this in addition to that it does not take that much time.

The disadvantages of this idea:

As for the disadvantages of this idea are; It may require more capital than the previous one, and it also requires great knowledge and experience that exceeds the experiences of customers, and it may require effort and new experiences in the beginning to distinguish from pharmacies that provide similar services.

4. Selling phone accessories and women's accessories

As for this idea of ​​small projects for girls, despite the large number of people who break into it, its market is not saturated yet. On the contrary, it needs many developments, such as customized products, customer service and excellent pricing, so do not worry about the idea of ​​starting a project like this .

You can specialize in selling and making accessories that are usually easy, simple and medium in price, and you can also provide a custom-made service at a slightly higher cost, and do not worry if you are not good at doing them, you can sell at the beginning only ready-made products, and you can learn to make them at any time from Internet.

Features of this idea:

This idea of ​​​​small projects for girls is characterized by the fact that it takes very little time, and after growing and making a name in the market, its profits will be very satisfactory, and you can take advantage of trends and through them you make accessories that will achieve crazy sales, such as the trends of series and movies or such as the trend of this special period of the pharaonic civilization.

The disadvantages of this idea:

As for the disadvantages of this idea, it is that its profit is very modest at the beginning, and that to some extent there is great competition in the market, and therefore you need innovative ways to put and grow your name in such a market.

5. Providing gift services

This idea is very innovative as it is necessary and is not available in abundance in the market as you will become a gift consultant, many like me do not know what is the right gift for different occasions, not many people can find it easily and you can do this on behalf of me and other customers.

You can buy the gift, wrap it and present it ready to be presented to me and the rest of the customers for a fee.

There are many people who would like to have this service if it is stressful; It is difficult to think of dozens and hundreds of gifts and try to discern whether they are appropriate or not, in addition to the fact that even after fixing on a specific gift, it is difficult to know how to wrap it and the most appropriate way to decorate it.

Features of this idea:

This idea of ​​small projects for girls is characterized as a new and almost unimplemented idea, and the financial return will be very good, especially if you are the one who will wrap gifts yourself, in addition, this work is very interesting.

The disadvantages of this idea:

As for the disadvantages of this idea, they are similar to its advantages, which is that it is a bit new, so it will take some time for people to get used to it, but make sure that you will be in a leading position in this market in the future.

6. Decorate rooftops, homes and organize parties

This idea is a little similar to the previous one, but the difference is that it exists now. Tell me: How many times have you seen pictures of rooftops or balconies on Facebook or Instagram and imagined if you did this in your home? How many times have you seen balconies in Arabic or Moroccan style or filled with flowers, and dreamed of doing this in your home?

Well you're not the only one who thinks this, there are a lot of people including me who would like to do the same, but are either overpowered by laziness, or don't have the time to do it. But we will be glad to purchase such services for a very good price, especially with the increasing interest in the aesthetics of the house and its decoration.

You can also provide decorating services for weddings, birthdays and other occasions, and don't worry, you will find many customers who would like to do this.

Features of this idea:

This idea is very practical and easy to market through pictures, and you will decorate your home first and this is a very beautiful thing, in addition to it is very profitable and easy to market and attract customers.

The disadvantages of this idea:

As for the disadvantages of this idea is that it takes time and requires great effort, and requires relatively large capital more than the rest of the projects.

7. Manufacture and sale of soap and scented candles

With the increasing interest in natural products, there is a demand for natural soaps that have wonderful scents, as well as for scented candles with bright colors. You can learn these two skills easily through the Internet and start selling them; Initially for people in your small circle, and then expand with delivery service.

Features of this idea:

This idea is very profitable; So, there is a great demand for natural soaps and scented candles with little availability in the market, and the custom-made service will make you win a lot of customers, and this idea is very profitable and needs very little capital.

The disadvantages of this idea:

As for the disadvantages of this idea, it may initially require a lot of experimentation until you get to implement it correctly, but this is nothing in exchange for the small capital that you need and the small time required for its work.

8. Providing educational courses

The next three ideas of small projects ideas for girls will be somewhat different, for example, the first idea is to offer educational courses through Udemy or another platform.

You can offer a course explaining how women can do one of the previous projects, or the course can be based on one of the skills you have learned.

You can also offer courses for any skill other than that. You can offer specialized courses according to your specialization, whether it is accounting, selling, marketing, self-employment or others, and this method is very profitable and requires a very small amount of effort to implement.

Features of this idea:

This idea is characterized by the fact that it does not require a large amount of time or capital, as all you need is a computer or a laptop only, and it may be profitable if you can market the course well, and it also does not need to allocate a large amount of time to it.

The disadvantages of this idea:

As for the disadvantages of this idea, it is that it requires a degree of craftsmanship and specialization in this field, because if you offer a poor-level course, then its evaluations will be low, and therefore no one will think to buy it.

9. YouTube channel or online store

This idea is an extension or development of other ideas. You can promote your project and support it with an online store, YouTube channel, or both, and then you can make profits through them.

The advantage of this project is that it will enable you to gain a larger part of the market, in addition, you will gain the fame of an expert in this field, and you will build a very great trust with clients.

Perhaps the YouTube channel is the easiest in the beginning, as all it requires is a good phone camera and a few editing skills, or it is possible that you do not need editing at all.

In it, you can explain several concepts related to products of the same type that you offer, or explain to your followers how they can distinguish between good and bad products, and you can also teach them how to implement it themselves.

Or you can start an online store for your products and this will be a very effective step, as customers have become very trusting of manufacturers who have online stores, and your geographical area will increase very much, and therefore your sales and profits will increase increasingly.

Features of this idea:

This idea of ​​small business ideas for girls is very profitable and does not require much time, but it needs perseverance and determination because its success requires the passage of time and its growth is relatively slow.

But after its success, you will find the fruits of all this fatigue, and these ideas are very much in line with the spirit of the age, which prefers to have everything in the electronic dimension.

The disadvantages of this idea:

As for the disadvantages of this idea, it is that its results are not direct and grow gradually, and in the beginning its growth is slow after something, but this is nothing against its results.

10. The most important investment is your investment in yourself

The last idea of ​​the ideas of small projects for girls is that you are the project and invest in yourself. You can develop from yourself or gain a skill and use it in free work , or to build an electronic project for you, or to manufacture electronic products and sell them through various platforms .

Features of this idea:

This idea of ​​small projects for girls is characterized by the fact that it requires less effort than building a complete project and taking care of all its aspects, and that you can fully control it, the working hours, and the financial return that you get.

The disadvantages of this idea:

As for the disadvantages of this idea are; Learning the skill can take much more time than building a project. Also, the returns in the beginning will not be as rewarding as you expect.

But despite this in the long run it can be very rewarding, and make your family's economic situation very prosperous and revitalized because later the returns may exceed the salary of working full time with just a few hours a day.

Skills you must know before starting to implement an idea

This is not the end, there are many things that you should realize before starting the idea of ​​any project that we mentioned in the article, and I will summarize them for you:

1. Feasibility study comes first

In the beginning and above all, you should study the competitors and learn from them, because you are not in the world alone and the customer knows this, so try to study if the project will succeed or not, in addition to studying the competitors will show you their mistakes until you address them and to determine your distinctive selling point, which will attract customers to your project And your product in particular.

2. Email Marketing

It is very important to be aware of e-marketing as it will attract many customers and make your project a successful one. I am not exaggerating when I say that marketing alone can cost a large part of the project budget as a whole.

If everything is good and your products are of high quality and at a competitive price, but the customer does not know about them due to poor marketing, none of them will be sold and therefore the project will fail.

Depending on your products, you can create a page for your product or project on Facebook or Instagram, and add to it the small circle of your acquaintances, neighbors and family, and over time, many customers will come to you through it.

3. Dealing with customers

You have to deal with your clients very professionally, as one client may bring dozens, or even hundreds of clients, and also one client may destroy all your dreams for you.

Therefore, it is important to be good at dealing with your customers and to win them over. The saying “the customer is always right” did not come out of nowhere. Always try to win the customer even if this will bring you a temporary loss.

4. Pricing and financial management

Pricing and financial management are one of the most important factors for the success of the project, because the wrong management may cause you to lose money even if your sales are good and even excellent.

In addition, pricing based on the feasibility study will lead to your winning of the customer and his satisfaction in addition to balancing your expenses and profits to make your project profitable.

5. Gain a permanent customer

You should always treat each customer with the logic of turning him into a permanent customer of the place or as we say “customer”, and with this logic, all your concern will be to satisfy him to come and buy your products or services again.

The permanent customer who is satisfied with the service and the product is able to tell all his circle about you, which will provide you with a large number of permanent customers, who will tell their circles about you and your project, and thus your business will expand and prosper in a very short time.

6. A little continuous is better than a lot discontinuous

Plan to work at least one hour a day, but don't work four hours a day and then stop the rest of the week, projects and freelancing are more like a marathon than short sprints, so in order to ensure success follow the policy of long self and take things slowly step by step until you reap the fruits of your project and everything Will it become clear on its own?


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