Tips and Tricks from Brand Building Experts (They'll Make a Difference)


Here at Winners we talk all the time about how to build a successful brand . So we've found that what can best be shared are tips and tricks from the brand building experts, to not only give you the knowledge about this tedious process, but also make you something extraordinary.

Many think that building brands comes down to designing a stylish advertising slogan or having a catchy slogan, but it is - as you would expect - much more complex and comprehensive than that.

Building brands is the process of building unified experiences for both customers and employees, from the visual and marketing system to the management system. This includes choosing the colors of your brand's visual identity , the way it addresses customers, and even the experience of using its website.

In this and more, we cover top tips and tricks from brand building experts to cover everything you need to know to build an unparalleled brand and create endless opportunities.

1) Respond to your customer's needs

The advice of the Director of Marketing at Directive Marketing Consulting Company «Hannah Mance»:

As a marketer or as an entrepreneur, you are always in the cockpit. You know the ins and outs of everything about the brand, and you are almost completely immersed in it.

The client, on the other hand, is not. You could think of it as sitting in the passenger section, it doesn't mean so much to your brand or what you offer as to the value (i.e., the destination) you will give it to it.

So you have to unite your efforts to be able to meet the customer where he is. That is, to go where you think you will find it according to market research and identification of the target audience , the brand in its origin is a response to the need of customers.

It doesn't matter how many adjustments and improvements you need to make to the marketing plan or anything else to fit that need. Because if you don't, they probably won't have to choose you.

2) Harmony is everything

Advice from the coach of business administration and marketing strategies industry “Safia Sator”:

Harmony is your key to creating an integrated brand.

Not only in the aesthetics such as choosing colors, choosing the brand’s fonts, shapes, visual systems, and the like, but also the harmony in the message and narrative that you are trying to communicate to your audience. Or, let's say: the harmony of all the elements of your brand—image, marketing, narrative, and service.

A large part of your brand lies in its message, and on this basis and determines everything else, we mean here by brand message its great value, and the purpose for which it was created.

These values ​​and goals (the message we mean) should be your starting point in any activity or effort you undertake, starting from designing a brand identity that emulates these values, the way you address customers, the quality of service, and even after-sales services.

Your audience should have a unified and clear idea of ​​the value they receive the first time they interact with your company, and every time.

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3) Be unique without limits

Roger West Marketing Director "Diane Callehan's" advice:

There is only one way now to do things, and that is courage.

Your fear will cause you to make all the wrong decisions or perhaps outdated decisions, or clients no longer convinced of them or their effectiveness.

Create a unique tune for your brand that highlights its identity and personality. Let your company be cheerful in a serious field, or liberal in a disciplined or limited field. Don't make it your goal to resemble the prevailing pattern, it may be the secret of your success in this fundamental difference.

And even if you don't want to be different, that's okay. The important thing is to be independent and, most importantly, totally honest and enthusiastic about what you're doing—even if it doesn't make everyone happy.

In fact, you shouldn't even try to make everyone happy, as long as you know exactly how to make your target audience happy for which you built this brand and launched it. Let their satisfaction be your motivator, and do not be surprised by others, as long as you have that target group that understands you and appreciates what you offer and responds to you.

4) Be loyal to your customers

Advice from author and brand strategist "Pete Canalechio":

The secret of brands' success lies not in what they tell their customers, but rather what their customers tell each other. And if you want to make it a success in any way, let them have an exceptional experience with you, so that they themselves can become loyal and loyal to your brand.

What's different here is that instead of constantly telling them about your brand, let your brand itself be loyal and encouraging to them. Tell the world about your customers, how much you value them, and show gratitude for your experiences with them.

Not only will your customers feel grateful, they will feel important and impactful. It is a human instinct as you know. There they begin to share it - as an entity, products and services - with their trusted circles, and talk about your people for them to thank in person.

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5) Be a leader in your field

Advice from Nexus Growth Coaching CEO "Clint Tippi":

Leadership and excellence in the competitive markets and gaining the trust and loyalty of your customers in it does not come with wishing or because you desire it. The only way to get your customers interested is to show that you care about what really matters to them.

Content is the password; Content marketing or creating clever content marketing is what makes your brand appear as an expert with valuable information that they would like to share with others.

Publishing articles, clips, case studies, e-books and infographics is a code that tells search engines that you know what your customer is thinking, and that you want to inform them first and not sell them randomly.

Search engines value their users, and value those who value them. Therefore, with this strategy, you will find yourself rising on its results to rank at the top for free even.

This ranking or free traffic on search engines or what is known as OragnicTraffic brings you valuable customers who are ready to buy - or at least share your content - at the lowest cost.

Create content that answers questions your target audience has, or breaks down the obstacles and challenges they face. Monitor competitors' content, think of ways to offer better and higher quality.

Your goal is always to educate and educate your audience, so that you gain their attention and respect.

6) Make your brand stand out

Advice from the chief marketing officer of Imaginaire Digital, "Charlie Worrall":

Turn your brand into a human personality with flexible traits, and try to stay away from those overly formal traits as much as possible.

This helps you create and present a character that clients can relate to psychologically and emotionally, and even want to be a part of and belong to.

There is nothing worse than for your customers to find themselves facing a company without identity or personality that interacts with them in their preferred way, understands their needs, and most importantly: responds to them.

Keeping yourself - your brand we mean - personal, accessible and flexible in interaction is your only path to gaining a wide and loyal audience.

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7) Read what your customers have in mind

Advice from author and global director of Burson Cohn & Wolfe "Jim Joseph":

As sensitive as this point is, but it remains extremely important.

Whether the target community – individuals and location – is going through an exhilarating or stressful situation, your company needs to act consciously and carefully during these times.

Don't expect the country to witness an earthquake, for example, and the people in a state of great panic, so that you bid on a coffee machine.

It is necessary to have an honorable and honest position in these places, and it is not necessary for your position to be annoying to any of the parties - especially if there is any political or social activity taking place in the arena.

Choose occasions that are also important to your customers and show them a clear attitude and support.

8) Put your customers in the center

Advice from One Week Website owner "Danny Bevy":

First, make sure that your message on your website or on any medium for your brand does not confuse your audience. Of course, this starts with having a clear picture of this audience, and what they want - and appreciate - to receive from the brand they are dealing with.

Many companies focus only on themselves and not the customer. But the wisdom is to combine the pains and needs of this customer to explain the existence of the company and its establishment in the first place, starting from the emergence of the problem until the solution, and thus appear reliable and understandable to them.

9) Think of the customer in everything you do

Ford Media Lab CEO "Rachel Ford's" advice:

All of your strategies, whether it's social media marketing , visual identity creation, or anything else, have to start, go, and end for one thing, and that's your customer.

Make sure you know exactly who and where they are, what matters to them and why. These are the questions on which everything is based, real or digital.

You must align all your activities and events with your digital strategy. If you are launching a show or event that is full of fun and celebration, you should set it up where it will be easy for your audience to find and for them to create and share their content for you themselves.

Give your customers a reason to care, and that you've achieved the difficult triple equation: company value, customer value, and great social media content that excites customers; Because they were part of his creation.

In the end, there are countless right ways, tips and tricks from brand building experts to create a strong one. Fortunately, there is only one correct method. This means that, with the help of others' experiences, you will be able to formulate the strategy and framework that will suit your company itself.


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