Tips to Increase Sales (10 Great Tips that Will Make a Difference in Your Sales)

 After the emergence of the Corona virus, the face of the world changed completely, and not only the market situation and the demand for purchase, but everything changed, and perhaps your sales percentages are not an exception and were affected as well.

Whether in this global crisis or others, we know the suffering and challenge you find yourself in as the sales curve straightens or even slopes.

And whether you're a sales manager, entrepreneur, or even a hobbyist trying to expand your skills, we've found that we've shared some tips for increasing sales to support whatever step you're taking right now.

And quite frankly, we know that increasing sales is not a simple task. You may take every step completely, until you find yourself running into an obstacle here or there, some from you and the other from the client, and the last one has nothing to do with either of you - like the crisis we are living in now!

You may find yourself finding the right client in the right way only to find that the time for either of you isn't right.

But in our tips to increase sales, we will take your hand step by step to rise above these obstacles and challenges; To reach your customer at the right time in the right place and in the right way!

10 great tips to increase sales

1) Remember that your role is to help

If you've made sales before, you'll know it's a repetitive process, and it can be very easy to get caught up in an endless cycle of repetition.

So sometimes you have to keep yourself engaged and with the same enthusiasm that you first started with. Remind yourself - or your team members - of the company's great mission, who you serve and why they might like to benefit from your service. Even the value you leave in the world.

Remember that people do not always want money or a higher promotion, otherwise you will not find workers in high positions who quit their jobs and look for others even if they are lower in salary, social or professional level.

Therefore, it is necessary to talk to your employees - and yourself - about the necessity and importance of rapid decision-making and effective action, and the great impact that they contribute to achieving in the long run.

Take your time in a brainstorming process that summarizes and summarizes the mission and value of the company, and the impact their performance each time has on making a difference and helping customers and even their company, not just selling for the sake of selling.

The HR team, trainings, or even group activities help reinforce these perceptions in the minds of employees, in addition to highlighting their unique individual skills and accomplishments; Thus, each individual feels that he is an effective part of the success of the entity.

2) Combine marketing and sales

Always align your marketing efforts with your sales efforts , because that's where the art happens!

If you work on your own in marketing, or have a team — even one person — helping you with marketing, work with them to develop a solid plan to track customer traffic, conversions, and purchase completion levels.

This investigation will enable you to put your hand on the weaknesses within your marketing strategy that may delay or impede the flow of sales, and then you will be able to make a right decision to improve and increase sales in terms of quantity and quality.

However, aligning both departments (sales and marketing) together ensures better performance; Everyone on the team stands on the same point of seeing opportunities, so they work together in harmony and strategy to make the most of them.

3) Make sure you provide the right value at the right time

Remember that motive for which you thought of launching your project or even participated in its success? Whether it is adding value to consumers' lives, facilitating a process for them, or even protecting them from danger or challenge... All of this should not be closed to records, but rather you should bring it up all the time in front of your eyes.

This is because you will need to measure your performance with your customers against this value or vision. Now think when your customers will really feel this impact in their lives? Is it from day one? The second? The tenth? Six months later?

Whatever the time frame, you should always sell and make your sales decisions according to the time frame that has the greatest impact, not the most buying.

For example, students may need padded backpacks to help them carry the most weight without hurting themselves, and they usually look for and buy them before entering school—in summer or spring in some countries (the most bought time).

But they feel the most impact when they really put it to use going back and forth from school every day (the most impactful time). Then they feel grateful to have a product like this.

For example, the peak time or the greatest value for some companies is in the back-to-school season, and others before holidays and events, and so on.

Determine the time that you know is the time with the largest sales flow, and then make a sales plan - in collaboration with the marketing team - to prepare your customers to deal with you at these times even before they enter.

For example, if you find that your influx season is summer, start preparing your clients for winter and vice versa.

4) Practice is the key

You know that a brilliant salesman is one who constantly improves and improves his craft. Whether you are the owner of the project itself, a sales manager, or even a beginner, take advantage of the quiet times - which are moderate or low sales numbers - to achieve more spread among the categories and segments of your target customers, or prepare them to deal with you in peak times as we explained in the previous advice.

Experiment, tweak and modify your sales and customer reach plans at these times to come up with exactly that formula and formula that is most effective for maximum sales.

Is it the content that needs some improvement? Or ad targeting? Is it the quality/response rate on email and chat on social media? Is it even the times of publication and communication?

Identify weaknesses that need improvement and upgrade, research and then try effective solutions to overcome them and turn them into real opportunities. If these attempts are successful outside the target season, they will probably be a great success when it comes.

5) Monitor KPIs

If we could give one piece of advice to increase sales it would certainly be tracking and monitoring performance indicators.

The reason is not a secret, as if you want to know where you stand in your sales performance or the viability of your sales plan, and how to create the different channels that you employ, nothing is more important and obvious as performance indicators.

KPIs show you how many deals you've completed, how deeply you connect with potential customers, and whether you need to improve, modify or even eliminate a step in the buyer's journey to checkout.

It also clarifies the positive points that achieve success and flow for the company or contribute to increasing sales in general, and thus you will be able to highlight and develop them further.

6) Be kind

Yes, I know, it does sound like one of the familiar tips for increasing sales. It doesn't even look like anything to do with running a business at all, let alone a tip for increasing sales.

But the truth is that sales are either a solid process without a soul, or the worker knows - whether you or someone else - that you contribute to making the life of an individual, an organization or an entire community easier, better and less complicated by providing a solution to their dilemmas or challenges.

By kindness we mean here to put yourself at the customer's feet, to feel the challenge and need he faces. Treat each client as if they are the only client whose success you need to exceed/meet their needs in order for you to succeed.

Remember that the customer knows and feels exactly when they are treated with kindness and concern, or vice versa. It is important for him to feel that he is not only a number to be added to the list of deals, but that he is the only individual for whom the entire project was built.

Here, with little effort other than to show empathy and understanding and contain the tension - if it happens - you will gain a client who remembers and talks about his experience for perhaps years.

7) Try group selling

Sometimes you need to implement this tip to increase deal completion rates, especially when time is tight and you need to get things done faster and more creatively. One of the tips for increasing sales in this case is to bring the team together.

For example, try to get two sales representatives - whether phone, mail, or physical - to work on a single deal, or combine the oldest and most experienced with the newest.

You can even divide the team into two parts - if their number can be divided - and make a competition between the two teams. Employees can also be rotated to look at each other's calls/chats in a group activity to give constructive opinions about them or to learn something new.

8) Promote the Onboarding Process

One of the tips to increase sales is to run a promotion that gives better value and return to the setup process. The preparation process is originally taken from the field of human resource management, and is intended to create a state of familiarity, harmony and integration between new customers and the company and its old members.

Same idea with sales. For example, instead of offering a discount on your product, give them value and a reason for that purchase. Such as priority support and assistance after purchase, or free shipping, or a premium membership with the company, or others.

You know the nature of the product or service you provide, and I also know the nature and need of the customer and what competitors offer to offer the same or better than him.

When you communicate with your customers, whether by mail, phone, or face-to-face, let them know what you're offering and why. Here you will create an advantage and an additional solution to the original solution that your company's exhibits give, that is, in itself, a high competitive advantage.

When the customer feels that you are here for him (i.e. your company), and you will not leave him alone, he will most likely deal with you for this reason alone, and he will certainly have a feeling of familiarity and security, and that he is a member of the entity and not a stranger to him.

9) Request customer transfers

Even though it's important, many people get past it for some reason, but you don't want to get over it yourself.

Connect with your existing customers, especially those who have just finished their purchase or who have a long history with you, and ask them for Referrals on your project.

Did it happen to you that your request is a seller or a project owner to thank you for your purchase or your dealings with him? For me, it never happened. But wouldn't it be amazing to find your favorite company or that startup you just dealt with calling you to express their gratitude?

If you can't imagine the conversation, you can start by saying hello and asking for the news. Then go on to thank your customer for being a regular with you recently, or for choosing you from among the other options available.

Show him your number or perhaps your personal mail address, and ask him to contact you at any time if he has any questions or requests. Also express your wishes to become a regular customer for many years to come.

Finally, tell him that if he knows people who need the same service by the way, you'll love doing yours for them.

Thus, briefly and very gently, you give the client a feeling of privilege and importance - and this is true - and you also get his recommendations for you that you requested, and he recommends to his circle of acquaintances especially for this human final touch.

10) Promote yourself, not the product

One of the most important tips for increasing sales that you will find repeated in all sales references is that you, as an entrepreneur or the project itself, are a product in and of itself just like your product. So you have to sell this product correctly and properly.

If you notice, you will find that customers are always looking for a real connection, for someone or a place that takes their best interest into account and only cares about their own.

If you do all your tasks correctly, you will reap positive results, of course, but if you perform your tasks with interest and focus on the interest of the customer, and this expresses all your steps and dealings with them, it will appear to them and they will believe it.

Remember, for the customer, you are also a product on top of your product. But the question is, are you a product that solves a problem they face? Or a product that adds a problem on top of the problem they already find?

Do not deal with your customers without enthusiasm and focus just to achieve your goal of number of deals. Create a deep and human connection, serve and help them, and reassure them that you are on their side and not here for profit alone.

Finally.. do less to sell more!

Don't let the techniques, tools, and tips for increasing sales here and there distract you from your main goal, which is to serve your customers and deliver superior value in their lives.

When you realize this goal and fully embrace it in all your steps and dealings with them, not only will your return rates come to life, but your relationship with your customers, and they will come back to you every time.



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